An affordable fitness band for you from Xiaomi

If you searching a band to buy, this is an affordable fitness band, designed by Xiaomi. It’s under $50. Can you believe it? Let’s dive a bit deeper.

An affordable fitness band for you from Xiaomi

The Xiaomi Mi Band series has provided a kind of "go-to" option since the first iteration, when you want an affordable fitness band. With some impressive but slight hardware upgrades, The Xiaomi Mi Band 5 continues the trend with no significant price bump.

Mi Band 4 last year was a solid fitness tracker that is still a great companion for Google Fit, now that some link problems are solved. Although these updates are not terrestrial this time, the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 may be the perfect replacement if you are using an older model.

We 're sure that the MiBand 5 is right for you, if you want to have an inexpensive tracker that syncs only with your Google Fit account and can handle the basics. It's not a big surprise dropping below $50 (LKR ~9000.00). And if you're not a huge fan of bigger wear smartwatches, it's even more convincing.

From the very beginning, the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 and the Mi Band 4 simply cannot be distinguished. However, it is difficult to question this since most exercise groups prefer to adopt common design trends. Moreover, within the constraints of the "unit" style, there is only so much you can do.

It is very remarkable that we saw fitness bands grow from the early Fitbit brace without showing full color amoléds. The Xiaomi Mi Band 4, of course, adds the color to the Mi Band lineup, but the Mi Band 5 marginally but without increasing bulk raises the footprint. The 0.95-inch monitor will accelerate to 1.1-inch, which in fact doesn't change much.

More impressively, the brightness and readability of the Mi Band 5, also with a gloss sheet, is up to 450 nits in direct sunlight. It's a good table even though it only has a resolution of 126 by 294. It can still feel spacious at 1.1-inches. Long alerts are a little alarming, however.

Since it's a silicone band, it's pretty cool wearing in the bath, in the bathroom, in the gym or anywhere. I need to change the silicone ribbon every so often, because underneath it can be a little sticky, but furthermore discomfort does not matter.

Due to its reduced size, the Mi Band 5 tracking options are fairly relevant. You will still need exact GPS data tracking in pairing with your smartphone. In addition to regular step tracking, sleep tracking, heart rate and swim monitoring, there are 11 sports profiles in the bottom of the package.

If you use a lot of monitoring features and exercise routines, then wait a week until the battery is enabled. Xiaomi lasts 14 days, but it requires minimal feedback and everyday use to be accomplished. The slightly larger cell could easily achieve 15 days in the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 with a recorded lifetime of 21 days.

You will love the Mi Band 5 if you liked any of the earlier Xiaomi Mi Band models. It is inexpensive, affordable, easy to use, and now has some significant upgrades which make it even more attractive than ever.

You can buy it if you want, clicking this link to the amazon xiaomi store.