The Worst Nuclear Disaster - Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster

The Worst Nuclear Disaster-Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster

The Worst Nuclear Disaster - Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster

Chernobyl is one of the abandoned cities of the world which a part of Ukraine, Eastern Europe. It is the worst nuclear disaster of the world that had happened due to safety routings done by inadequate engineers went terribly wrong. It is said to be the worst Engineering failure of the world happened to result in 31 initial deaths due to acute radiation sickness. It is also considered as the worlds most contaminated place.

It was April 1986 when the tragedy had happened. The plant had 4 reactors to generate energy. In the late 1970s, the first two reactors were set operational and the 4th reactor which was exploded was set in 1983. In April 26th of 1986 technicians prepared to do a test on the backup cooling system in 4th reactor. 

Nuclear reactors are huge structures that create a massive amount of heat and produce steam out of water. The Uranium fuel rods perform this task. The huge turbines generate electricity out of this steam. There are control rods in-between Uranium rods to slow the reaction process and cooling water should be pumped around the core to prevent overheating.



 But when the tests begin all the control rods were removed so then the cooling system was not performed as it should. The technicians lost control of the flow of cooling and then the temperature rose up. Due to extreme heat, the core started to melt. At 01.23 am reactor 4 exploded.

8 tons of radioactive were released to the atmosphere poisoning the air around the power plant. 115,000 of people were evacuated from the city, 30 kilometres away from around the plant. About 500,000 military civilians were engaged to deal with the accident. Two plant workers had died on the same night due to the radiation. 28 people died during the next few weeks.

Toxicity of the radioactive cloud was said to be equal to 400 Hiroshima atomic bomb blasts.

After cleaning the debris of the explosion a concrete Sarcophagus was built around the reactor to cease the radiation from spreading. There was 200 tons of radioactive fuel remained inside the exploded reactor. The remaining three reactors were operated continuously due to shortage of energy supply. In 2000 the Chernobyl Power Plant was completely shut down.

After a few years, nearly 30 years the concrete Sarcophagus began to collapse. That was a threat to entire Europe as a vast amount of radioactive fuels are still there hidden inside the Sarcophagus. If the Sarcophagus crumbles the radiation will once again expose to the air. Therefore the international community began to build a new confinement structure for the reactor 4. This confinement is the largest manmade movable structure ever built. It’s 108 meters high 260 meters wide and the length is 160 meters. It is said that it is higher than the Liberty Statue and wide enough to keep a ship like Titanic.

The cost to build this structure was about 3 billion dollars and it was completed during 2017. It is said that the confinement is 36,000 tons of weight. The structure was made outside the Sarcophagus made previously and then moved to the place where the Sarcophagus is. To complete this project one of the chimneys had to be removed from the plant. The confinement is expected to be last for 100 years. It is one of the most important projects went into history.

The area around the Chernobyl Power Plant is still abundant and will stay abundant for centuries. At the first place where the disaster occurred, all the animal species were executed all around the plant as they spread the contamination unknowingly. During the past few years, there were some animal species reporting from the area. In the last year, it was said that the place is now safe for human as well. But still, people do not go into the area without any safety precautions.