Whatsapp extends the deadline of the update

WhatsApp has expanded the time period for its two billion users to approve or stop using its revised terms and Conditions

Whatsapp extends the deadline of the update

The original date of cut-off was 8 February, but users have time to take action before 15 May.

The company has been criticised for sending a study that seems to imply improvements to the data it shares with its parent company Facebook.

He said that his message was confused.

Since the news and updates have passed through its website, millions of people worldwide have downloaded various encrypted messaging applications, such as Signal and Telegram.

WhatsApp confirmed that personal messages in a blog post were always encrypted and privately owned. It added that it was not new and was not going to be extended to use those user details with Facebook.

This update contains new ways for interacting with an organisation on WhatsApp and offers more clarity about how we capture and use data.

WhatsApp clarified that it already shares details with other Facebook companies:

  • Telephone number and other registration information issued (such as name)
  • Your phone records, including make, model and mobile company information
  • Your IP address that tells you where to connect to your internet
  • Any WhatsApp purchases and financial transactions

This is not, however, the case in Europe and Great Britain, where there are different data security regulations.