Construction of UK’s largest solar farm is about to begin

2021 year will be a huge year for UK for this project of building a 350MW solar farm has been approved for construction.

Construction of UK’s largest solar farm is about to begin

This huge solar farm is about to build in the spring of 2021 and this will be the largest solar farm of UK and the only solar farm that uses East-West panel orientation. This project is going to be held in the village of Graveney of a 958 acre site.

Now, what is East-West Panel Orientation? The solar panels which are directly oriented to east or directly oriented to west are producing 20% less electricity than the panels facing south. But the East-West orientation will produce 44% electricity than the electricity than the south orientation.

Another important thing is that using solar farm as a power plant is a good way of limiting carbon emission to the surrounding. The developers idea is that this solar farm will reduce 68 000 tons of carbon emission to the ambient in a year.

However there were parties who objected to the solar farm project. Those were the communities that have responsibility to protect wild lives. For this matter the developers announced that 138 acres of the site will be separated for overwintering birds. Well, this plan leads to one of the largest open meadows in south-east England. 

UK's largest solar farm expected to be approved

One of BEIS spokesman said “Solar power has the capacity to play an important role in the UK ending its contribution to climate change by 2050.”