Translate your cat’s Meow with MeowTalk

A former Amazon Alexa Engineer created an application designed to translate the miaow of your pet.

Translate your cat’s Meow with MeowTalk

The sounder is registered by MeowTalk and the sense is then established.

In addition, the cat owner helps to mark the translation by developing a software database for AI.

At present, the vocabulary of the app includes just 13 sentences including: "Feed me! ", “I'm angry! "And "Leave me alone! ”

Research has shown that cats don't share a language unlike their human servants.

Each cat's meow, with some more vocal than others is unique and adapted to its user.

So the app's translation varies with each human profile instead of a standardized database for cat sounds.

The greater understanding of each cat's voice is possible by the recording and marking of sounds by the artificial intelligence and machine learning software - the more reliable it is used.

Javier Sanchez, the group technical program manager at application development company Akvelon said in a webinar of his website that the ultimate target is to create an intelligent collar.

The technology would immediately translate your pet, and a human voice would speak through the neck.

Both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store offer free of charge.

Since it is still in its early development period, mixed reviews are conducted with several users complaining of bugs in the program.