TikTok Launches Parental Control

TikTok will be launching parental control in an attempt to safeguard its underage users from predators.

TikTok Launches Parental Control
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TikTok has undoubtedly become a "must have" app in smartphones these days. With around 800 mllion active users worldwide this app has become a viral trend. Here in Sri Lanka too it is wildly popular and we have seen many users become influencers and have taken up acting in advertisements. They have frequent meet-ups and live in a TikTok world of their own. Little do they know that this app can also be dangerous. Many users are within the age of 13 to 24 which is something to be afriad of. These users have no proper guidance and many of their parents don't even know that they use this app and post videos online. Although they do it as a form of entertainment, there are creeps out there who are waiting to hunt these innocent kids down. 


TikTok to launch parental controls

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To battle this problem TikTok is introducing a "Family Pairing" feature which will be available worldwide in the weeks to come. This feature will enable parents to control their child's account as it will be linked to their own account. This will also disable users under the age of 16 to be able to send or receive direct messages or DMs. Parents will also be able to control the screen time of their children using this feature. Although this is a positive and important feature, there's still a possibility of inappropriate content to be visible for its users as TikTok is such a large scale app. 



Although this is a good move from the company, children can always lie about their age and use the DM feature. Therefore it is the duty of parents to monitor their childrens' online time and bond with them so that they will share their online experiences with them. Parents afterall are responsible of their children so it's always better to keep an eye out on your children for their own safety. 

* The new feature is set to go live on the 30th of April.