China maybe stop Tiktok for US!

Recently, Donald trump said to sell the tiktok company and he gave them a few days for that. But it seems like china maybe stop their operations for US instead of selling it.

China maybe stop Tiktok for US!

After a report today suggesting China's government may object to the deal, the controversial drive to force Chinese tech unicorn ByteDance to divestiture part of its smashing hit TikTok social networking service to a US-based firm. Reuters reports that, instead of allowing TikTok to be sold to an American company, the Chinese government might prefer to just shut its operations off in the US.

TikTok 's possible disbursement is not a normal business contract. The agreement is now sought by the US administration, as President Donald Trump guides executive fiat in the area of international and financial policy. The U.S. Premier even requested his government to earn a portion of every end-of - life price based on his own fabled business acumen. Whether the definition is legal is not clear.

The agreement is the turning point between countries that have a fudge of companies tucked into the middle as the United States and China ignite economic and political dominance around the world. ByteDance and other companies like Oracle are combined in a smaller way, along with Microsoft and Walmart. In the middle of September the Trump administration set a deadline for an agreement, but it's not clear whether this timetable will be fulfilled as the month burns away.

The US is not the only one taking measures to curb China 's influence within its frontiers, since TikTok sells after India and dozens of other applications based on China have banned the app.

The deal is also under the pressure of a evolving regulatory climate in China, with the autocratic leadership evolving its export rules in order to remove TikTok elements that could restrict and scuttle a transaction.

The situation is a nightmare for ByteDance. The deal is a shotgun marriage for lead supplier, Microsoft, which it may not be completely enthusiastic about. This is an attempt at a power grab for the Trump administration. And the deal may feel like submission to China's increasingly authoritarian government. Therefore, it would be more shocking than inevitable if the agreement succeeds in coming together.