The Walking Dead ends after season 11?

Famous zombie horror show, The Walking Dead is ending after the 11th season of the year, and it was confirmed.

The Walking Dead ends after season 11?

The Walking Dead will eventually stop, it was reported, after its next 11th season. Except that the series somehow gets another spin-off as is perfect for a case on the relentless shuffles of the undead who seek to devour our entire body. This time, Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) and Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride) will be main characters in the long term.

The walking dead show runners Angela Kang and the Universe Boss Scott Gimple are set to make this spin-off in 2023. The main show itself, which will not finish until 2022, is broken down in two halves like other AMC shows in the USA such as Mad Men and Breaking Bad. In total, the 11th season will have 24 episodes.

Covid-19 postponed the final of season 10-now on October 4, 2020, that's coming out really soon. Season 10 also received six more episodes, which will be screened, the end of the season in early 2021.

However, there is no chance that this world will go anywhere. The Walking Dead is now one opposite, Fear The Walking Dead, which begins on 11 October in its sixth season. One other, based on younger characters, is beginning this year too. The Walking Dead: World Beyond is renamed and begins on the 4th of October, following the 10th Final of the main show. It'll air before it ends for two seasons.

That's not anything, somehow. Deadline notes that the works of Tales of the Walking Dead comprise an Anthology Presentation. A variety of films featuring the original main character of Andrew Lincoln, Rick Grimes, are still expected, and there may even be more outcomes.

It sounds like overcast to us, but if they didn't think people were really going to watch these things, they wouldn't make them. The Walking Dead is thus officially over, but not necessarily, given that there are some sort or other at least five spin-offs.