The Supermoon Phenomenon

The supermoon is a new addition to popular astronomy. The world experienced the last supermoon phenomenon on the 7th of May for 2020.

The Supermoon Phenomenon
The Supermoon Phenomenon

The Supermoon Phenomenon

According to a legend and speculation full moon has been associated with strange and insane behaviour of humans despite scientific evidence debunked the claims. There is a traditional belief system that suggests strange behaviours has a connection to the lunar cycle such as suicide, violence, cyclic changes in the human state of mind.

Further to that, some researchers conducted studies to investigate the level of evidence that supports the state of mind, fertility, to crime rates has a correlation to the lunar cycle. 

The supermoon is probably a new addition to the urban legend category. The supermoon is simply the brightest moon you able to see in the sky. the brightness associated with the distance to the earth as a supermoon visible when a moon comes close to the earth. 

The world experience a supermoon on the 7th of May 2020 despite pandemic situation around the world many news Agencies reported and captured urban cities with the bright supermoon. According to the reports, this will be the last supermoon for the year.


"Between the years A.D. 1500 to 2500, this condition is met only 14 times, or on average once about every 71 years."

What is a supermoon?
Moon is the most observed planetary object for humans.  However, there is no historical evidence about the concept of supermoon before the 1970s.  Therefore the supermoon concept considered as a modern phenomenon in contrast with other astrology phenomena has centuries-old traditions.

This concept coming into the mainstream media and Science from early 1970. After the astrologist, Richard Nolan not at the concept of full and New Moon concept was first published in 1979 edition of Dell horoscope.

In general full moon is the bright moon and which appears slightly larger than a regular moon. According to scientific calculation, the supermoon will be 15% more Brighter Than the regular mode also a supermoon will appear 7% larger than regular mode.


A SuperMoon is a perigee-syzygy, a new or full moon (syzygy) which occurs when the Moon is at 90% or greater of its mean closest approach to Earth (perigee).

— Richard Nolle, 2000, Century 21 CE SuperMoon Table

What is the reason behind this phenomenon

Supermoon brightness associated with the distance between the moon and the earth. Full moon approaches a distance of 221,472 miles [356,425 km] or less Supermoon day will be the closest point to the earth when it's moving on the orbit known as perigee.

According to the researchers, the moon brightness appears as 15% brighter and 7% larger phone supermoon days

What NASA has to say? 

As per the historical records and NASA, the supermoon is visible as a "supermoon season" every year where it is likely to have multiple supermoon phenomenon typically  3 back to back days.

However, NASA confirms that only one supermoon day for 2020 and generally considered as an exception this year.  

Again, the 07th May supermoon also created contrast contradiction as mainstream news claims that the supermoon as brightest while other observers are suggesting 2020 full moon isn't the brightest in comparison.  

"Supermoon isn't an official astronomical term, and there are no firm technical definition for it, so different sources sometimes disagree,"

NASA spokesman Preston Dyches .

Supermoons should only be applied to 'extreme' perigees, in which the full moon approaches a distance of 221,472 miles [356,425 km] or less," the Farmer's Almanac said in a statement. "Between the years A.D. 1500 to 2500, this condition is met only 14 times, or on average once about every 71 years." (On average, the distance from Earth to the moon is about 238,855 miles or 384,400 km.)