The first Apple Silicon Mac!

Yesterday’s Apple’s September event revealed more information about their first Apple Silicon Mac. Let’s discover what that is.

The first Apple Silicon Mac!

The secret here is the newly upgraded iPad Air A14 Bionic chip. It has long been speculated that either this exact processor or an upgraded version of the first Apple Silicone Macs will be in use; it is the first time an iPad and Mac share the same core motor. But you can't be more mistaken, if you assume the Mac would suffer using a tablet processor.

In the future, Apple Silicon Macs will totally shred the competition based on what Apple showed us at iPadAir. We also know that Apple iPad chips are fantastic: comparing the new iPad Pro with its rivals in Android, the iPad Pro had not yet come near so far forward. Apple 's performance would be amazing even if Apple had taken the A12Z Bionic chip of the 2020 iPad Pro and chucked it onto the first Apple Silicon Mac.

But Apple doesn't goes beyond that. The A14 Bionic in the iPad Air is the industry's first 5 nm tablet maker. This helps them to load 11.8 billion transistors, which are measured in atoms, each of which is so thin.

But all of this is abstract stuff, what about actual success in the world? Now Apple claims the 6-core CPU is 40% faster than that of the previous iPad Air in the A14 Bionic. The 4-core GPU offers a 30% improvement in graphics performance. That's a major upturn over the course of a year and it's exactly the sort of shot in the Mac’s arm.

It is worth noting that when Apple compared the iPad Air results with the best selling Windows laptop for the same price point, iPad Air 's performance was double that of the graphics. Mac gamers are happy, the dream that so many have had for so long could eventually become reality of 60 fps.

Apple is only beginning the most exciting portion. The first Apple Silicon chips will have 8 high-performance cores, four times as high as the A14, along with a minimum of four high-efficiency cores, according to a Bloomberg report. Even when Bloomberg is incorrect and Apple opts in the first of the Apple Silicon Macs for more conservative chips, anything like the A14X, it is great news to Mac fans that it operates on even stronger chips. Not long is it waiting. The iPhone 12 and the first Apple silicon Macs are scheduled to take place in October. This could be a showstopper for a case, based on what we have seen in the iPad Air.