Get READY! Solar Eclipse on 21st June, 2020

For most countries Solar Eclipse will be partial with the Moon replacing 99.4 percent of the sun's disk.

Get READY! Solar Eclipse on 21st June, 2020

A rare solar eclipse will occur on this Sunday, 21st June; A special solar eclipse “Ring of Fire”. And what exactly does that mean? This type of solar eclipse occurs when a new moon is close to its farthest point from Earth, forming a perfect line with the Earth and the sun which is an event occurring once a year. The eclipse will start at 9:15 am, and end at 3:04 pm in Sri Lankan Time.

If the moon is at its apogee it covers the sun in half. And, when the outer rim of the sun remains visible, the sunlight that falls around the moon produces a spectacular fire-effect ring. Forbes predicts the new moon this weekend will cover up to 99.4 per cent of the sun, almost creating a complete solar eclipse.

According to, the annular solar eclipse will be apparent in parts of Africa, Pakistan, India and China. Sky watchers will be able to see the ring of fire in that location. A partial eclipse will be apparent in southern and eastern Europe, and in northern Australia. Bear in mind that the sun will burn your retinas so be sure to wear appropriate eye protection if you watch the solar eclipse in person.

Unfortunately in Sri Lanka, can’t see the full eclipse but we can see a part of the Solar Eclipse. But you can see the eclipse on live stream using below links. Make sure you’ll be using a protection to protect your eyes if you watch the eclipse in person.

To watch the eclipse live :

The map of the solar eclipse :