Seeking for Immortality, Have They Got What They Wanted

In history, there were scientists, philosophers including religious priests who were finding a method to be immortal. Didn’t you ever wonder if they are still alive or not? Sounds like a silly question.

Seeking for Immortality, Have They Got What They Wanted

Immortality, this word may not seem to be a new word to you. It may cross over your paths several times. For an example, there are only few souls who did not watched one of the most watched film series “Harry Potter”. In the first movie, the “Harry potter and the Philosophers’ Stone” they introduced a character named “Nicolas Flamel”. In the movie he was carrying a stone which gave him an immortal life. Would you believe me if I said that Nicolas Flamel was a real person? He was. He was an Alchemist who was investigating on a method on getting immortal. Some people says that he is still alive and some says no, and that leads us to the path to suggest that he failed in finding what he was looking for.


In most of the history books, don’t know if they are just fictions or not, reveals many characters that are said to be immortal even now. Except for Nicolas Flamel, Ashwathama in the popular hindu fiction of Mahabarath, was cursed by Krishna and they believes that his is still alive. And another popular character, Merlin, is said to be trapped by an enchantment by Nimue. Some says Merlin died by the trap and some says that he is still alive and trapped.



The most important part of the story is yet to come. The Russian internet mogul Dmitry Itskov says that he will be able to give human an immortal life. The Itskov group is willing to create new technology which can transfer human’s conscience into a human avatar. But how can someone store and transfer human mind and conscience into something else?


In one of the famous TV series, Scorpion, the main character tries to keep his sisters mind and memories on a hard disk. However he fails. And in another TV series, Westworld, they do something similar to that, but they are building an artificial conscience.


However, the technology needed to do this particular thing may not yet have arrived, but they are working on it. They are assuming that during 2020-2025 the technology will be strong enough to transplant a human brain at the end of one’s life. And at the years of 2030-2035 an avatar with an artificial brain and the personality of one’s can be transferred to it at the end of his life. Ultimately at the year 2045, they are willing to create a total human avatar.


Even if it will work or not the cost for this project will be a huge amount. And of course the human Avatar will also not be for free. Sounds like in the future, money can make you alive while you are about to die.

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