Another event from Samsung; scheduled for 23 September

Does this fan-edition of Galaxy S20 waited for each fan? Let’s see.

Another event from Samsung; scheduled for 23 September

Looks like this year's Samsung isn't done with hardware ads. Two unpacked activities have taken place since August: one in Note 20 and another in the beginning of September for Galaxy Z Fold 2, now scheduled for 23 September.

This unpacked event is for "every fan" from Samsung's US website and makes us wonder if the Leaks and Rumors of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Lites – also known as the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition – are real.

Whether the Lite and FE names are for the same system or whether they should be two separate versions is not completely evident, but both names are bandied about in the official material and are noticed by eagle-eyed users on Twitter.

They may also be a regional brand on the same platform as Samsung Australia website, which doesn't mention 'fans,' but a mysterious teaser says something is happening in Australia's East Coast, at midnight on Sept. 24.

Whatever the case is, the S20 Lite or the S20 Fan Version, a new Samsung smartphone is now being leaked for a long time. According to previous news, some of the key features of the S20 series will be retained such as a 120 Hz monitor and a Snapdragon 865 processor, but only 1080p screen resolution will keep costs down.

The price remains a mystery, however, the countdown has started and we are not too far from knowing what is involved in the new Samsung Unpacked Case.