Microsoft reports that the hackers in Russia , China and Iran target Trump and Biden

Microsoft is seeking to snoop individuals and organizations participating in the presidential election for 2020, says Hackers with links to Russia , China and Iran.

Microsoft reports that the hackers in Russia , China and Iran target Trump and Biden

The technology company once again notified the Russian hackers who abused the democratic campaign for 2016.

Microsoft said it was "clear that the activities of international activity groups were rising up" for the elections.

The Cyber-raiders' efforts of both President Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden

Strontium Group Russian hackers have targeted over 200 organizations, many linked to US politicians-Republicans and Democrats-Microsoft said in a statement.

Microsoft said the same cyber attackers were also targeting British political parties without specifying which.

Strontium is also referred to as Fancy Bear, an allegedly Russian military intelligence-affiliated cyber assault unit, the GRU

“Similar to what we observed in 2016, Strontium is launching campaign to harvest people’s log-in credentials or compromise their accounts, presumably to aid in intelligence gathering or disruption operations” Tom Burt, a consumer protection and trust management vice president of Microsoft, said.

The company said Chinese hackers had targeted individuals affiliated with Mr. Biden's campaign, while the Iranian hackers tried to harass Trump citizens.

According to Microsoft, most cyber-attacks were unsuccessful. The attacks on organizations associated with the voting processes were also not launched

Mr. Burt said that, “What we’ve seen is consistent with previous attach patterns that not only target candidates and campaign staffers but also those they consultant on key issues, these activities highlight the need for people and organizations involved in the political process to take advantage of free and low cost security tools to protect themselves as we get closer to election day”

Microsoft has confirmed that Chinese groups have launched attacks on Biden's personal e-mail accounts, and also “at least one prominent individual formerly associated with the Trump Administration.”

The Chinese hacking group , known as Zirconium, has also claimed to threaten "prominent people" in the international business community, academic institutions, and political organisations.

Between May and June of this year, the Iranian party identified as Phosphorus attempted unsuccessfully to reach white house officials' accounts and Mr Trump camp crew.

The targets of Russian, Chinese, and Iranian hackers could not be identified by Microsoft. Google said in June that China and Iran had found similar cyber hacking attempts.

The report comes a day after a US Homeland Security Whistleblower says he has been under pressure to downplay Russia's danger of interfering in the United States, which "makes the president look bad."

In August the US intelligence community said that in future presidential elections China, Russia and Iran were actively seeking to intervene.

The evaluation showed that Russia tried to 'denigrate' Mr. Biden. It also noticed that Mr Trump was going to lose the vote in China and Iran.

Iran, warned by US intelligence, might attempt online to "Undermine" U.S. democratic bodies and the chair.

In 2016, US intelligence agencies concluded, with a state-authorized cyber attack and fake news planting in social media, that Russia is behind the efforts to sabotage Hillary Clinton's presidential run.

Investigation by Special Advocate Robert Mueller found that Russia'd hackers had ties to DNC networks and to Clinton's personal e-mail chairman John Podesta.

They leaked from the camp ten thousand e-mails

Facebook later testified that up to 126 million Americans were hitting the site with Russian-backed content sent during the election.

Mueller did not assess the involvement of Trump's campaign with the suspected Russian electoral interference.