Let's Talk - What is Love & a Relationship?

Love can come in many ways. Relationships can be hard sometimes. This is how to choose your relationship to know it better.

Let's Talk - What is Love & a Relationship?

What is love? ❤️

Have you ever felt love? ❤️

What is it like to be loved? ❤️


I hope you can answer all those questions by yourselves. Even though we do not like to talk about our feelings in public, I hope this would be a good chance to see you all by yourself. Love is a feeling that many of us are trying to hide. Although many succeed in finding and holding into the love of your life there are some people who are not. People always like to be loved. As I think, love is a very complex set of emotions which leads us to behave, act and believe in order to protect, care, respect and be affectionate to someone else. 


However, today I am going to talk about the types of love which we find in psychology. As you can see, if you look at love in the perspective of psychology, you may feel it like it is not a hard emotion to suppress. You may get over your messy breakups and even may find a good person to date! 


In perfect love, there should be three components according to Robert J. Sternberg (1988).  He called it the "Triangle of Love"/ "The Love Triangle". 

  1. PASSION - The Physical attraction partners feel toward one another which leads to romance, sexual consummation and related incidents in a romantic relationship. 
  2. INTIMACY - This is the mental part of a relationship. Ability to share feelings, personal thoughts, your ups and downs with one another is meant by this. In other words, psychological closeness or the Connection between the couple. 
  3. COMMITMENT - Commitment is the ability to take a decision in order to make yourself free for the other person. Or else we can say that the well thought decision to stay together. 


Even though all these three components may be there in a relationship, there are other factors which determine the relationship as a good or bad one. It does not depend only on these three stages. So let us move on to the types of relationships a human love is based upon. Go through all types and let yourself know which type of a loving relationship that you are in.

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  1. Liking - In here, the closeness and the intimacy can be seen but lacks in passion and commitment. Partners feel free to disclose information and be themselves. This is just like being friends with your partner.
  2. Infatuation - This is the immediate physical attraction to the partner. This can also be called as the love at first sight too. The special thing about this type is that this is just an outcome of a chemical reaction on your body. These relationships do not last long. They last about months or most years. They are short period relationships. 
  3. Fatuous Love - The passion and a kind of premature commitment is there but it does not have any intimacy. In here, partners rarely communicate seriously and they are full of intense physical attraction. 
  4. Empty Love - These types of relationships are formed to meed other needs than passion or intimacy. By other needs I meant, Accidently being pregnant, need of money, the need for education, poorness etc. Partners are staying committed but do not feel any romantic nature in the relationship. 
  5. Romantic Love - In here, intimacy and passion can be seen but no commitment. They are not having plans for the future but enjoy being close to one another. Sometimes partners afraid that being committed can make this passion and intimacy fade away. So they like to stay in romantic love.
  6. Companionate Love - Intimacy and Commitment are the key features. But lacks passion. Partners love being with each other and like to commit to the relationship but they feel that physical love has been gone or was never there. They may regret this but they are committed and friendly. 
  7. Consummate Love - All three types, Intimacy, Commitment and Passion are there in these kinds of relationships. This can be called the perfect one. They share every detail of their life with each other. The physical attraction is intimate and romantic. It is a combination of friendship and love and that is why it is the perfect one. 

You can decide in which type of relationship you are in. Think it through a bit. Try and get your relationship to a consummate relationship. Never try to force anyone into the relationship at any cost. If you two are meant to be together, the triangle of love will be matched for you guys naturally. It is all in your mind but it has to come breaking boundaries. If you are an open book this won't matter but most of the time it matters. 


Guys, love is an essential aspect of human life. Do not be afraid to love. But remember to be honest to yourself. That is how you should choose your partner