The Real size of Megalodon revealed

Megalodon was a creature that used to live in the ocean a long time back in history. Film lovers might already know about the “The Meg” film that reveals some facts about Megalodon.

The Real size of Megalodon revealed

Until now, only Otodus Megalodon 's length, as seen in the 2018 movie The Meg, had been estimated from its teeth's fossils.

However, a team from Universities Swansea and Bristol have mixed math with nature to discover just how large it was.

The research was published in Scientific Papers, a journal.

Researchers used statistical techniques to determine the total size of the megalodon, which lived from around 23 million years ago to three million years ago, and similarities with living relatives.

Results indicate that a 16 m (52 ft) megalodon-almost three times as long as a great white shark-is likely to have had a head about 4.65 m (15 ft) long, a dorsal fine as wide as a whole adult, and a tail about 3.85 m (13 ft) tall.

Jack Cooper, who is to study a PHD in palaeobiology at Swansea University said, "Megalodon was the very animal that inspired me to pursue palaeontology but studying the whole animal is difficult considering all we really have are lots of isolated teeth,"

Furthermore he said, "It's significant that we have now been able to produce estimates of proportions and dimensions of the body parts when there are no fossils to go off. However the dimensions in the film were actually pretty accurate."

The shark has previously only been associated with the great white, but the new research has been extended to include five modern sharks, including the makos, salmon shark and porbeagle shark.