Press release of iPad and Apple watch series 6 is going to be on tomorrow

According to prolific leaker Jon Prosser, Apple is reportedly preparing a press release this Tuesday to launch new iPad and Apple Watch models.

Press release of iPad and Apple watch series 6 is going to be on tomorrow

Prosser states that Apple is expected to issue a press release at 9:00 EST on Tuesday, September 8, but mentions that it is not "locked in" until the day itself. Prosser has also said that if and when one is available, he'll give an update.

Prosser has previously said that new models for Apple Watch and iPad will arrive in the week of September 7 in a press release. It would appear that this supposed press release on Tuesday is for certain products.ble.

While new models like the planned Series 6 would probably be new to Apple Watch, Prosser did not state which one would arrive in the iPad. There has been some conflation over recent months about the low-cost iPad et al Air 4 leaks. It was also mentioned that updated iPad Pro models could arrive this month, so it's hard to know exactly which models are planned.

Multiple Apple products seem to be releasing imminent. Apple reported eight Apple Watches and seven iPads in Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) filings at the end of last month, and numerous leaks have come to light, such as an alleged instruction manual and design schematics.

Similar EEC filings have on several occasions accompanied the introduction of new Apple devices, including various models such as iPad, iPad Pro, iPhone, Mac, Apple Watch and AirPods.

EEC filings essentially suggest that new Apple Watches and at least two separate models of iPad will be released very soon, so Prosser 's assertion that news of these items will be included in a Tuesday press release is not unfounded. In the past, too, Prosser has accurately predicted some of Apple's launch plans.