Do you want to see the User Interface of PlayStation 5?

A few short weeks after releasing the PlayStation 5, Sony eventually demonstrated the interface of the console on your TV.

Do you want to see the User Interface of PlayStation 5?

The user interface of the device appears to consist of many previous PlayStation systems and has exciting new features.

Levels load, however you can see the PS5 control center with cards over the top of the gameplay. These interactive tiles display a broad range of details. The left-most card provides news updates for the following games with a card on the right which shows screenshots or video taken recently.

The rest of the cards are activities that allow you to see how far you have advanced at certain levels and what other goals are needed to achieve. The PS5 also calculates how long each goal has to be fulfilled.

Players can then move from a selected card to a certain stage or target directly, pick particular goals and even demonstrate how to fulfill them through interactive video tutorials. You may play these tutorials in the picture or snapped on the side of a game.

Trophies are an important part of the World of the PlayStation and various players devote time to the gain of the platinum trophy of a game as many trophies as possible. It seems like these modern systems are unbelievable for players of this kind.

The presentation dealt with the workings of parties and talks. A pop-up shows a party invite to share your vision of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy gaming with another player. You can then determine whether to display their gameplay or not and watch it either through the image or pin it to your own side of the game which you can play while watching the screen of your friend.

The home screen was shown where if the console boots full from the shutdown, the console would default. This is the most similar feature to the home screen of PlayStation 4, with a series of the most recent titles.

One of the hot spots Sony listed was that media apps like Netflix would be packed into a "TV & Video" folder that is difficult to browse as the current-gen device, which relieves everyone who uses their PlayStation for video streaming.

Only selected games will have some of the cool new cards and events that appear on the showcase, so developers will need to plan them themselves. Every PS5 game from one of the studios in PlayStation will have this feature in its own right.