Parallel Worlds

This article described about the parallel world concepts and examples.

Parallel Worlds

One of the best multiverse theories called parallel world concept leads many science fiction TV series and movies to exist. Actually, how did this concept begin? The origin of this concept carved back in the 1950s.In 1954, the doctoral candidate called Hugh Everett came up with this multiverse theory by risking his future carrier. The theory stated that multiple universes branch off from ours and we are branched of other universes. All these universes are all related to each other. But, all have different characteristics in laser-level. For example, there will be a universe where there is no corona-virus pandemic, but there are dinosaurs like in Godzilla films. Maybe there will be a universe there is a universe where humans are extinct from the earth.

Other than Many-World theory of Hugh Everett, Heisenberg uncertainty principle which explained that uncertainty of quantum matter and observing the relevant matter affects the behaviour of the matter, Copenhagen interpretation which states that all quantum particles don’t exist in one state or the other, but in all of its possible states at once, thought experiment which measures the spin of the quantum particle and the well-known string theory lead parallel world concept to one of the beautiful theories in physics.

In the real world, there are some real crazy incidents which some are believed to be the instances of the parallel world concept.

One incident states that there was a woman named Carol Chase McElheney who may have visited a different dimension’s darker version of childhood town. Another one is a man called Jophar Vorin who confess his origin from Sakria which is one continent of the world and there are other 4 continents which called Alfar, Aslar, Auslar and Euplar. There are many stories which illustrate the evidence of parallel universes.

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Other than real incidents modern scientists some believe that our earth is vibrating in some frequency and other parallel earth vibrating different frequencies. For instance, if a particle from different entities from different earth gets the same frequency of our earth, it can teleport to here or vice versa. That is just a theory. Many science fiction directors created many productions based on parallel dimension world concepts such as Marvel and DC comics feature stories set in parallel universes that are part of the multiverse, mirror universe featured in Star Trek TV series, Dark dimension featured in Stranger things film series etc.

Parallel universe theory reminds us that we are not alone in this vast universe. It reminds that whatever choices you made in a situation, it has different consequences and each may lead to alternate realities. So, simply, this concept made human think that there are lots of things to be considered before making a decision in life. Don’t you think?