OnePlus Watch! What would that be like?

The name of OnePlus Watch leaks as an ex-employee reveals that has been in the work for a while.

OnePlus Watch! What would that be like?

Ultimately, we can get a OnePlus Watch. The rumored wearable appears in a listing on the website of an online regulatory agency – and TechRadar has learned exclusively that the Chinese smartphone maker has been considering a smartwatch for some time.

The listing, noticed by 91Mobiles, appears on the web of the IMDA (Infocomm Media Development Authority), clearly indicating the name as 'OnePlus Watch' and identifying it as a 'wearable watch' The name of the model is mentioned as 'W301GB.'

This is not our first time hearing about a possible OnePlus Watch. Early in 2015, the company's co-founder, Carl Pei, announced that the company had considered developing a smartwatch, but at the last minute it was cancelled. We also had to see some of the projects the next year will be seeing.

The reality that OnePlus is once again considering a smartwatch is no great surprise. The organization has been explicit since the release of the new 'Nord' brand that it aims to introduce a variety of devices that include more than just smartphones-though the first device to bear this branding was the OnePlus Nord handset.

OnePlus seems keen to develop its own product ecosystem, and a smartwatch seems to be a reasonable next move, since it would complement its current line-up of gadgets. A further significant point to remember is the Oppo Watch's recent arrival. While OnePlus and Oppo argue that they are two very different firms, if you look back at their portfolios, there are more than a few related products.

This suggests there may be some sort of possible partnership between the two, and the latest wearable of the latter could help form the basis for the first product of OnePlus-but nothing is verified yet. There is currently no news on the release date of OnePlus Watch and there is still a possibility that it will not be launched, but with the OnePlus 8 T and OnePlus Nord Lite expected to launch in the next month or two, we may be just weeks away from a possible outing of the company's first wearable.