One plus 8 Pro Camera that can see through plastic?

One plus 8 Pro may have just accomplished this

One plus 8 Pro Camera that can see through plastic?

OnePlus 8 Pro has made news with its unique camera feature. By use of a filter, the camera allows seeing through particularly thin types of plastic. If you held an object, under the camera with the filter on, you could see all of its underlying components. 

The news has made its rounds in the Reddit community, where amused users have been posting videos with the new filter.

Although the makers have been quiet about this feature, it certainly has become the new cool trick for its owners. To clarify, the phone can’t see through all kinds of plastic, only those of thin quality such as TV remotes, computer keyboards etc. 

If you are wondering how this happens, it essentially is a play of IR radiation where visible light is manipulated with sensors. 

Image: YouTube/ Marques Brownlee

So does this mean that the phone could see through clothes as well? Possibly yes, but that spells serious danger for the makers. It may stir up quite a controversary causing unpopularity amongst users. Sony once had to retract a particular product that enabled seeing through clothes. There doesn’t seem to be a conversation surrounding this, but if it is true for One Plus 8 Pro, then it has to completely disable the sensor, which may render its fourth camera lens, redundant. 


Source: Reddit