Nvidia RTX 3080 and 3090 officially released!

On yesterday’s live event (1st of November), the new graphic cards from Nvidia were released and here are the specs and prices.

Nvidia RTX 3080 and 3090 officially released!

The next generation of GPUs of Nvidia is here. Nvidia 's latest Ampere design promises major improvements in performance and makes bold statements about its user and player potential. The RTX 3090 and RTX 3080 are both very powerful cards at the top of the stack. But they are still some of Nvidia's most costly market cards. Here are our ideas on how the two compares from output to features to price.

On 1 September 2020 the RTX 3090 and 3080 debuted worldwide, where Nvidia announced slightly more drastically differing release dates and price rates. On September 17, RTX 3080 will be launched at $699 and on September 24 3090 will be available for $1,499.

These rates and release dates are just for Nvidia's Founders card models, with no details about what to expect from alternative third parties or when they are available at the moment. However, if Turing cards of the last generation are anything to go by, then some are less costly and others are far more costly, depending on the cooling solution and plant clock speeds.

The 3090 was not yet given by Nvidia, but it is expected to overcome 2080 Super and 2080 TI by 3080. The 3080 has up to twice the performance of 2080, and 1,5x the performance of the 2080 Ti, according to Nvidia, in "popular graphics-intensive games with 4K." We need time to manage the module, but the information backs up the statements of Nvidia. The 3080 has 8,704 CUDA cores, which every other Nvidia GPU except the 3090 unrivaled.

At high resolutions, the RTX 3090 is expected to perform the most. Most games can cross more than 60 FPS with 3080 on 4K, at least according to Nvidia's requirements and the specification sheet. However, the 3090 will still have the advantage when it comes to inclusion in native resolutions as the display resolutions shift upwards.

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The RTX 3090 is much larger than the 3080 and is self-proclaimed "BFGPU" with a three-chip configuration as compared with the dual-slot variant of the 3080. That could lead to higher clock speeds for improved thermal efficiency, but we will need comparisons to draw some clear conclusions.

While 4K is currently the priority, both cards support 8 K and a single DisplayPort 1.4a link, using 3 HDMI 2.1 ports. In games like Apex Legends and Destine 2 with ray tracks and DLSS, Nvidia benchmarks show 3090 hitting over 60 FPS.

The RTX 3080 is also a powerful 4 K game GPU, which is a far higher value at $699. The RTX 3080 is the top-of-the-range choice for players. Nvidia has called it its GPU Flagship for some reason.