Notebooks of Darwin went missing

Cambridge University Library has revealed that two notebooks written by Charles Darwin, worth several millions of pounds, have been missing for 20 years

Notebooks of Darwin went missing

One of these is the popular Tree of Life sketch from the 19th century, which examines the connections between species in terms of growth.

Now, curators concluded that they were possibly stolen after a "extensive search"

They are calling on the public to help them locate them.

The university librarian, Dr. Jessica Gardner had been talking to BBC about this matter.

Last time in November 2000, the notebooks were visualized in that they were taken from a special photo storeroom.

They have been taken to a temporary studio in the grounds of the university library at that time in a temporary building since the building was underway.

Just two months later was it discovered that they were missing during a routine check

Dr. Gardner had become the librarian since 2017. So she wasn’t in the library before that. At first the librarians had thought that the notebooks were been put in the wrong place.

A number of searches had been done since then but unfortunately they have been missing till now.

Maybe because of the library size, it isn't so shocking. The distance from Cambridge to Southampton by road is high, with over 200 km of railing. More than 10 million maps, manuscripts and other artifacts are found there.

Dr. Gardner arranged a new quest earlier this year. Specialist workers have been struggling in some parts of library storage. The boxes containing Darwin's books, sketches and letters were tested in 189. But no notebooks anyway.

According to Dr. Gardner, a new approach was required. She says she "not willing to accept" to "turn up" the notebook.

So the librarian intends to believe that the notebook had stolen

Charles Darwin was a 28-year-old man in July 1837. He wrote one of his red leather notebooks at his home in London. He drew a spindling tree drawing.

He had recently returned on HMS Beagle from the Galapagos Islands and worked on scientific inspiring ideas from his journey.

More than twenty years after, Darwin published a more evolved tree of life on the origins of organisms on 24 November 1859.

However this book is digitalized. But according to Jim Secord, professor of history and philosophy of Cambridge University, the copy cannot replace the real one.

They say that the notebook is small in size. They are taking every action to find this book because it is very important.

They also expect the public support on this case.

Anyone who may have information about the missing notebooks is asked to contact Cambridge University Library, via email at [email protected] or Cambridgeshire Police.