Nosy the Nose Mask

Face masks are widely used product in these days. The technology of products is changing time to time according the situation of the world. Nosy is also a new technological device, which is now in the market, that introduced to face the demand of masks.

Nosy the Nose Mask

Nosy is a new high quality sustainable product that is now available in the market. It has dual filtration engineering which has two filters inside. One is HEPA filter which remove 99.97% of particles greater than 0.3µm and the other filter is a Carbon filter which remove volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The adjustable clip inside the device helps to adjust the device according to the shape of the nose. It also has a medical Grade Silicon seal. The adjustable clip is attached to the case with a magnetic attachment.


This device has a high endurance that you can use it while doing any activity. It is also light weight that you won’t even feel it is on your nose. It can be washed as it is a waterproof device. The two filters are replaceable and they are cheaper than the other replacement filters used in face masks. The filters can be used up to 100 hours.


It is an easy to use the device. We might be feeling an in comfort while using a mask but when using Nosy you won’t feel any kind of in comfort.

Now there is a problem that the device does not cover up the mouth. We usually breathe through the mouth very rarely. But somehow, some amount of germs can be inserted to our body because of this fact. Anyway, Nosy is very much good for the protection from the polluted air. The people with various allergies should take this product as it can also filter Pollens, pet hair and dusts.


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