A new Solar Cycle has begun

NASA is reporting about a new solar cycle, officially named Solar Cycle 25

A new Solar Cycle has begun

NASA is officially confirming that a new Solar Cycle, Solar Cycle 25 is begun, It means that the space weather would rise that could have effects on Earth as well as on astronauts in space for technology.

The results would be critical in ensuring the world is ready to handle the complex concerns and problems arising from this shift in space weather, experts said.

The movement of the Sun takes place in about 11 years, with the star continuously shifting from still to busy and back to still. These activity cycles are known as the Solar Weather and, while their shifts have been studied for decades, many processes and results remain largely unexplained.

Solar weather changes may have widespread consequences. The impact is harmful and it may also cause serious problems for radiation communication systems on the ground for astronauts who are not shielded by the magnetic field on the planet. Experts have also indicated that the start of the new cycle should offer an opportunity to prepare for future changes.

In reality, in December 2019 the solar minimum at the end of the last cycle, NASA said. However, the Sun's variability means it can take months to know for sure.

As the Sun is beginning its new cycle, dramatic occurrences on the earth, including giant explosions including solar flares or coronal mass ejections, may result. NASA noted that these can spit into space "light, energy and solar power."

“These are diminutive heralds of future giant solar fireworks. It is only by tracking the general trend over many months that we can determine the tipping point between two cycles.”

said Frederic Clette, the director of the world data center for the sunspot index and long term solar observations, which works to track those sunspots.

You noticed that this cycle should be equal to the lower average previous cycle. But that doesn't mean, scientists said, there are no threats.