The new Pixel 5 is here, with 5G!

In 2010, the first smartphone Google launched, the Nexus One, developed by HTC Corp. which was planned as a modest example of what good Android phone might and should be, and not as a selling multimillion iPhone competitor.

The new Pixel 5 is here, with 5G!

The Pixel 5 has a chipset on paper that is the same as Snapdragon 845 from Qualcomm. It is probably correct, but they also share just one side of the story to give you a reasonably clear idea of what you are expecting in advance. This does not mean that we did not preemptively temper our first experiences with the "modest" internal pixel 5. But they have been thrown out of the window quite quickly, once that paradigm-shifting pixel was really successful.

As well as the pixel 5 stuff you would like, reverse wireless charging might come as a little surprise. That being said, if you own a pair of pixel Buds or other Qi charging supports, yeah, it's a cool little bonus included. I just got the Pixel 5 out of the box and I've already used it twice even at this early point.

Of course, you count first impressions and if you're not a case user or abuser, you can automatically be endear with a resin-coated aluminum pixel 5 chassis. I'm going to say it right away: it feels like plastic really much, but very sweet. Glass is fine, and textured glass is even better, but a ceramic or ceramic texture is even better for grip.

It's exciting to believe that the Pixel 5 is actually the first Android smartphone on all sides and it definitely has an impact. The Pixel 5 is uniform. You will see the progression of the template relative to pixels 3 XL and 4 XL.

Surely, many hoped for this year's "proper" Pixel 5 XL did't, but the very compact nature of the Pixel 5 always makes me feel like someone who prefers bigger devices sometimes. It suffices to step up the pixel 4a scale, but is still small enough for most people, since the smaller bezels still have an impressive screen real estate of 6 inches.

Google promises Pixel 5 Android updates by October 2023. This three-year pledge, rare for Android providers, is increased by Google's sponsorship of older devices for new features.