A New Microsoft Surface Laptop?

There’s a rumor going on about a new Microsoft surface laptop, under $600. Let’s see what that is about.

A New Microsoft Surface Laptop?

In order to take Google Pixelbook go according to Windows Central, Microsoft is developing a new midrange Surface Laptop model. The next laptop could start at $500 and come with a 12.5 "display with an October rumored announcement.

The entry level version of this new Surface Laptop model, which has been called the "Sparti" code, could be configured with a RAM 4 GB and 64 GB of storage space in the 10th generation of Intel i5 Ice Lake Processor. The laptop can also be provided with the Windows 10 locked-down version in S mode. Alternatively, Windows 10X, the company's anticipated new OS, could also debut this new Surface Laptop.

With regard to the overall laptop design, Windows Central reports that Microsoft has made few changes to what can be seen on the standard Surface Laptop model. The new device is designed in principle to be like the Surface Go. It keeps the same design ideas as the larger 13 and 15-inch Surface Laptop, but comes packed with a smaller screen to maintain a relatively affordable overall footprint.

In terms of price, this new Surface Laptop model is expected to start from $500 to $600. That is much cheaper than the current Surface Laptop 3 starting price of $1,000. It is also well behind the price of the Go pixelbook which is configured at the entry level with Intel processors of 8th generation, 8 GB RAM and 64 GB of $650 storage.

This new laptop could compete with the new 12-inch Macbook from Apple too. Afters its termination in 2019, it was rumored that the Apple experimental laptop might restart its A14X processor in autumn with price rates of approximately $750. That is much cheaper than the $1,200 MacBook Pro, just this new Surface Laptop model.

All in all, this new Surface Laptop would fit well with Microsoft's overall Windows 10 strategy. Back in May, Microsoft re-focused its upcoming Windows 10X OS for single screen laptops. At that time, there had also been rumor that the OS would first come to business devices, with some removable features to put them on a path to compete with Chromebooks and Chrome OS as well.