Huawei’s has got its new Google Alternative

Most of you already know that Google is not supportive for latest Huawei devices anymore. Huawei has introduced a new platform that can work with Huawei devices as Google. Let’s see what are the new things they got.

Huawei’s has got its new Google Alternative

Huawei's new devices don't have access to the Google Play Store, but rely on their own store, called the Huawei AppGallery. That means that there aren't many critical apps available. Now, a major arrival means one field with a big gap – navigation – that instantly has enough apps to transform AppGallery into a strong alternative.

TomTom Go Navigation introduced this week on AppGallery. This means that it is now available on both Apple's App Store and Google's Play Store and Huawei phones.

Previously, AppGallery made a big move forward in terms of mapping when Huawei's excellent Here WeGo Maps debuted on shop.

Here WeGo provides unique advantages such as offline use, thanks to free country map downloads in advance. But to use it offline does not, for example, mean traffic information.

And while Here WeGo has an impeccable pedigree – it started as Nokia Maps when NavTel was bought by the Finnish company – it never reached critical mass.

But TomTom is an unquestionable app in the mapping world with tremendous recognition of the name. It also has an offline mode, something that is particularly useful for navigation apps, as you could use it abroad where roaming costs might be high. Detailed 3D maps are stored over the phone with TomTom Go Navigation.

TomTom specialties include moving lane guidance that helps drivers negotiate intersections by determining which lane is better. You can also modify maps by adding or removing regions where appropriate.

The only drawback is that, unlike Here WeGo and indeed Google Maps, TomTom Go Navigation isn't accessible. There is a free trial of 30 days, after which it costs $12.99 per annum, $8.99 for six months or $1.99 a month.

This is not the first collaboration TomTom has had with Huawei. In its Huawei Mobile Services kits, the company uses TomTom 's mapping solution which developers can use – ride-share apps need mapping kits, for example. Of course those are not open to users, but this application is based on the same mapping.


Moreover, Huawei's own Maps app is coming up and is being created with TomTom. It's Huawei doing it right, it might greatly reduce the loyalty to Google Maps.

You can already use Google Maps, of course, via a web browser, but that is hardly the same thing. Huawei phones can also download the app, but its features aren't as extensive. No, the big change will come with Huawei Maps but the TomTom Go Navigation addition this week is a very welcome arrival that works perfectly and has the best mapping in the business.