Mystery never ends: Story of Utah monolith

The appearance and the disappearance of the three sided monolith of Utah has been talked recently

Mystery never ends: Story of Utah monolith

This monolith has been first discovered in 18th November, 2020. We know that this year is a strange year since the beginning.

It is being found during a helicopter survey of wild bighorn sheep done by state biologists.

It has been strangely disappeared on 27th November, 9 days after it has been found.

This news has made a strange feeling on everyone’s mind. How did it disappear all of the sudden like this?

This problem has already been solved now. Two people have taken the full responsibility for the disappearance of the monolith.

This monolith has been made of three metal sheets. So it is not as heavy as it looks. So these two, Sylvan Christensen and Andy Lewis removed this structure from where it was.

They have filmed this scene and that tiktok video has solved the mystery


"We removed the Utah monolith because there are clear precedents for how we share and standardize the use of our public lands, natural wildlife, native plants, fresh water sources, and human impacts upon them," said the responsible two people

Also Bernards is a special person who has evidence in this case. Ross Bernards is an adventure photographer.

On Friday night, Bernards said he visited the structure and saw four men coming to demolish it. On Instagram, Bernards reported the existence and absence of the structure. He also posted pictures.

After the discovery of the monolith in Utah, another monolith has been appeared in Romania on top of a hill of Atascadero.

But just as the other two (another one in California), in what seems to be a copycat of one that appeared and then wiped out in Utah desert, it disappeared just as abruptly, leaving no trace

Still no one has any idea on who is planting these monoliths. Some would say aliens. But there is no any trace of aliens so others are rejecting these hypotheses