LG Wing: A smart phone with Two Displays!

What kind of smart phone do you think this is? Let’s take a look.

LG Wing: A smart phone with Two Displays!

It’s fascinating that they created this amazing flip phone with two displays, and the leaked videos shows the smart phone is introducing a new wave of smart phones. We now have some further information about pricing, courtesy of people connected to LG.

The phone will sell for approximately $1000 in the USA as per XDA developers-this brings it along with other current priceline flagship phones, but it is more affordable than we expected.

It's still a lot of spending on a device, but maybe you've got two screens rather than one, which is not so exorbitant. For example, the folding Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 would cost around twice the value of $1,000.

Previous reports had priced the LG Wing price to about 1,900,000 won in Korea, or around $1,610, so it's good to hear that next telephone doesn't cost too much outside their home market.

Of instance, producers also struggle to use straight currency translations, with local market and tax variations... It's probably easier to tell the LG Wing that it cost as much as an iPhone 11 Pro 5.8-inch, 64 GB. Up to this point we haven't been listening much to the audio, but the screen appears to be 6.8 inch display and a 4-inch monitor. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 765 G is said to be the all-round mid range processor chip.

We can hear you ask, why you need two screens? Ok, one use case we saw in a leaked videos includes controls of the music player when you're on the main screen, too.

The LG Velvet 2020 comes with a double screen case which gives double screen space. LG has been experimenting with multiple screens for years now. Another dual screen telephone is introduced by the Microsoft Surface Duo this year.