Hey look, LG Wing’s here! The dual-screen smart phone

We talked about LG Wing, the new smart phone earlier, with leaked videos. The device is here! Let’s take a look.

Hey look, LG Wing’s here! The dual-screen smart phone

LG 's latest device, the classic swiveling LG VX9400 feature phone launched more than 10 years ago, is based on the developments in dual-screen smart phones like the G8X ThinQ and the Velvet. The Wing will be the first computer to be marketed under LG 's latest "Explorer Project" to "reveal new insight into what makes a smartphone."

Of course, the two OLED panels are Wing's most interesting feature. The first is a 6.8-inch regular main screen with no belts or nodes (rather, LG preferred to use a pop-up lens, because the Wing obviously did not have enough moving parts). However, this is the second 3.9-inch panel below the main screen , making the Wing 2020 the unique handset. The Wing 's main monitor twists round and shows the second screen in a shape that looks much like a Tetris t-block instead of folding off for two wide (or one flexible) panels side by side.

And for the types of functionalities this new form factor will allow LG has major ambitions. The concept is to use a main display in "swivel mode" to fit the primary task and another software or improved feature is used in the second monitor.

The wing must not be used only in the style of a landscape. As the most obvious widescreen style with the secondary panel being the auxiliary monitor of a kind when browsing Google Maps or reading the latest document from your job. LG is just as excited about using the main monitor with a regular candy bar portrait mode as it is. A "grip locking" mechanism allows you to use a secondary half monitor as a useful handle while you are watching a video, for instance, while it is also disabled.

The remaining of the LG Wing hardware is very standard. There is a processor with a 765 G Snapdragon with an integrated 5G support X52 modem of QUALCOMM with a RAM 8 GB, a storage 256 GB, a 4000mAh battery, an on-screen fingerprint capability and wireless charging support. The biggest lack is waterproofing, something with so many moving parts that is to be expected on a device. Also the device takes 260g of weight.

A front-face 32-megapixel pop-up and three-camera configuration on the back of the system are also supported on the LG Side. The main camera is 64 megapixels, the ultra-wide "standard" 13 megapixels and the above-mentioned 12 megapixels ultra wide "gimbal mode" are for landscape view purposes.

If you want to know more curious information about this smart phone, watch the video below;