KFC is 3D Printing Chicken Nuggets

Technology performs impressive roles in every field. Well this is a brand new step.

KFC is 3D Printing Chicken Nuggets

This is a trending story among fast food lovers that KFC had their step towards future of fast foods. The shocking news came a few days ago when KFC officially revealed they’re hopping on the bandwagon for 3Dprinting. The fast-food company has collaborated with research laboratory 3D Bio printing Solutions for a project "Restaurant of the Future."

But how this 3D printing is happening? Well, actually KFC is using chicken cells and plant based materials to create these nuggets. This process is totally ecofriendly and no chicken is harmed or killed during this process. This is actually a good progress in food industry.

The "chicken" will be created by 3D Bioprinting Solutions, a Moscow-based technology company. To do so, researchers will use chicken cells and plant-based content to produce a chicken proxy that should be very similar in taste and texture. KFC will include the breading and seasoning to help scientists nail the typical buttery taste and crispy texture of the chicken.

There are products available in the market those substitutes to the real chicken. But all of them are plant based products. KFC’s 3D printed chicken nuggets have the same microelements as chicken. And they guarantee that these nuggets will be as close as possible as the taste and the appearance of original KFC products.

However these newly introduced chicken nuggets are not yet introduced to the consumers. Soon it will be.