HUNTER 1.0 Mechanical Keypad

Are you a gamer? This might be important for you.

HUNTER 1.0 Mechanical Keypad

Hunter 1.0 mini gamepad is a new gadget that has released to the market in 2020. This game pad takes a less space on your table. If you are a game lover, you will love this new item on your table near the PC. And if you’re are not, this cute keypad will help you do your works.

The Hunter 1.0 is made for the most comfortable position of your arm and fingers. It is a USB connectable keypad and it has a tactile anti-slip surface right under your palm. It has got mechanical switches so it is called a Mechanical Keypad.

The keys of the keypad are located at a distance from each other, so you won’t make any accidental pressings. The device has 12 buttons and a joystick with 5 positions and with a quick trigger.

In this amazing keyboard, there is a backlight for each and every key. And those are fully programmable keys that have the ability to assign any value or any combination to them for any FPS, RTS or MMORPG games. It is a really simple modern design with a higher reliability and low price.

And guess what? It has a left version also.

It also has mechanical keys with bullets. You will experience a much better quality feel to them, the pressing will be more pleasurable while working. The force needed for the pressing is 50g and the depth is 1.5mm.