A quality photo of Neowise Comet, taken by Hubble!

Hubble reveals that from its close brush with the sun, Neowise emerged bright and stunning.

A quality photo of Neowise Comet, taken by Hubble!

Comet Neowise could be out of reach those of us on Earth, but it has not missed the Hubble Space Telescope's far-seeing eyes. On 8 August, NASA and ESA's telescope snapped a stunning comet portrait.

NASA said about this event in a release;

"This is the first time Hubble has photographed a comet of this brightness at such resolution after this close of a pass by the sun,"

In early July, Neowise was cozy down to the heat. Observations by Hubble served as a kind of health test. "At these close encounters, many comets frequently break apart due to thermal and gravitational stress, but the view of Hubble reveals that Neowise 's solid nucleus remained intact apparently," NASA said.

"The ultimate goal here would be to learn the original properties of the dust to learn more about the conditions of the early solar system in which it formed," NASA said.

Hubble's view shows the dust and gas that developed into twin jets around Neowise 's core. The dust color can provide scientists with clues about the comet 's interactions with solar fire. For the days it was visible from Earth, Neowise had made quite a splash. This appeared in several epic pictures and attracted people in hopes of catching a glimpse of the tourist outside to skywatch.

It has really been an experience once in a lifetime. Neowise will not be back for another seven thousand years. We 're going to have at least one beautiful photo album to live by.