Let's Grow - How to Face the Food Shortage

Let us grow our country to be self sufficient. We as SRI LANKANS should have an obligation towards the country to grow theirown foods. Lets Grow!

Let's Grow - How to Face the Food Shortage

Sri Lanka was an agriculturally self-sufficient country even before the arrival of technology. With the agriculture and trade based economy, our country was very majestic back the day. Mainly Sri Lanka has changed into a dependent economic system from the outside world in past years. Sri Lankan made products were labelled as "NOT WORTHY". Even though there were attempts to encourage Sri Lankan made products they were not much successful. People moved from the traditional way of being alive to a service-based society. So thereafter we did no longer have a self-sufficient economy. 


Importing goods was essential to Sri Lanka and had become an important role in our economy. Food and water were available in plenty and because of that, no one wanted to grow crops in your own garden for the family. All went well until importing goods was limited due to COVID 19. So now it is time to take a step towards agriculture again. 


There is a rumour of a food shortage throughout the world as the COVID 19 was spreading hands all over the world. It might be true and might be not. But I think most of you have experienced the shortage during the early stages of panic buying in the beginning of the COVID19. Whether there will be a shortage or not it is still a great accomplishment to eat something you made in your garden. Most Sri Lankan people like to grow a garden of vegetables but they did not have time. But these days, you guys have plenty of time because of the curfew. So let us see how to grow a simple garden of vegetables on your own. 


  1. Identify What to grow. - Sri Lanka is a perfect place which has good sunlight and perfect soil to grow any crop. But in some areas, certain crops are not very well-doing. And you should assume what to grow on the space you have. Some can grow in large quantities but some people have only a balcony. So choose your crop carefully.
  2. Use your Space Efficiently - As I said earlier if you have a big space you can grow your vegetables or fruits free as you can. But if you are living in a storied house or a flat, you only have your balcony to grow crops. There are several ways of organizing the space of limited areas on the internet. I will attach some of the ideas below.
  3. Use Compost Fertilizer - You can make your own fertilizer by using a Large enough bin. What you have to do is add whatever you throw away. (Vegetable Scrap, Egg Shells, Yard Waste as in leaves or lawn clippings, Old Newspapers, Cow Dung and even coffee grounds) But you should not add any animal products, pet waste or harmful elements. If you can not find a large bin you can even buy one from places like Arpico.
  4. Be Good to What you Grow - You have to water them and take good care of the crop. It needs sunlight, fertilizer and water to grow. It is your duty to look after.



Sri Lankan government Has taken a very big step in home-based Cultivation. They have started a project called 'Sayubhagya' සෞභාග්‍යා, encouraging millions of Sri Lankans to cultivate. 

How to Use සෞභාග්‍යා? 


  1. You can get crop seeds delivered to you. You just have to order. 
  2. They have instructions on how to grow crops.
  3. Simply visit - www.saubagya.lk



Whatever the reason is, your government is helping you to grow. And isn't it a proud way to grow what you eat? Use your space. Do something to your country. And most importantly "Do something for Yourself".