Owners of Google Chromebook do not have to worry about their Wi-Fi password

GOOGLE has a convenient new update for Chromebook owners ensuring they won't have to recall their Wi-Fi password if they want to connect to a new notebook.

Owners of Google Chromebook do not have to worry about their Wi-Fi password

Google has revealed several updates that are coming to Chromebook owners around the world. With the latest update to Chrome OS, as they switch between devices, users will no longer have to memorize Wi-Fi passwords. Logging your Chromebook to a new Wi-Fi network will save your profile password

This will now be synchronized across devices, ike other information stored with your profile. So you can pick up another Chromebook with your profile (or a new replacement computer you've signed into) and connect to the same Wi-Fi network automatically without having to sweat it out in the settings and add the password.

The new software update elsewhere brings in changes to the Configuration screen. Google's search firm has unsurprisingly introduced a new search feature to this menu

Until now, to find the appropriate settings row, Chromebook owners had to be fairly precise about what they typed into the search bar. The new update is encouraging users to be a little more ambiguous

Not only that, but a variety of similar recommendations will emerge, helpful if the users looking for the setting is not accessible in the Settings menu, but Google knows how to help.

After all, the fact that Chromebooks don't require any costly program packs, monthly security patches and are pretty much invulnerable to all malware and viruses means that they're a very enticing choice for those who want a lightweight computer with plenty of battery life to answer a few emails, watch some YouTube videos, and edit a few documents.

Chrome OS lacked a few of these simple choices to make the first-time users feel more comfortable with the notebook.