What happened to Google’s attempt to rebuilt Bluetooth?

Google tried to fix Bluetooth for Chrome OS on the ground. Well it didn't work out

What happened to Google’s attempt to rebuilt Bluetooth?

It is popular that Google's past with Bluetooth is bad. As the Bluetooth situation is improveing on Chromebook's recent development, many of us who combine Bluetooth devices such as wireless earbuds and wireless mice with our Chromebooks know that the wireless experience isn't great. In 2018 , Google possibly felt forced to fix this problem with increasing Bluetooth devices and releasing the pixel slate. This led to an experiment in a very ambitious project named New Blue with a brand-new Bluetooth daemon.

NewBlue was allowed in default in all Chromebooks after more than two years of development, beginning with Chrome OS version 80. The creators of Chromium had hoped that this would fix Bluetooth problems in Google's browser-based OS; however, it didn't last much, eventually.

At the end of 2018, NewBlue had been deleted from their servers and all traces of its code were scrubbed out by Google. The last NewBlue commit merged at the time of writing was in April 2020, which removed even additional NewBlue code.

BlueZ | 01.org

Chrome OS used BlueZ until NewBlue. Many of you not aware of BlueZ: it's the Linux official Bluetooth stack. It has a GPL license and supports all the main protocols and layers of Bluetooth. While BlueZ is around for some time (starting with Linux 2.4.6), some developers have shown their unhappiness with the stack. "The Linux side of BlueZ is abysmal, Hacker News's Bjt2n3904 said.

Where BlueZ has a fair share, support for all Linux systems, including Debian, Ubuntu, and Fedora, can be found. Contrary to NewBlue, BlueZ was developed into Linux from version 2.4.6 in 2005 and was around long ago. There's already the base. I don't think Google should have reinvented the current Bluetooth stack with the aid of its money. Google can also support the wider Linux community by setting up the Bluetooth experience on Chrome OS with BlueZ.

Since switching to BlueZ, Chrome OS has received several updates which improved the Bluetooth experience significantly, such as reducing the package size of AD2P to a smaller default value for improving audio quality and addressing audio stutter. I'm not certain if any of the recent updates will end up fixing the Bluetooth situation with Chrome OS, but I hope the experience will be substantially improved. If anything, Google is doing Bluetooth now at least.