The first Humonoid Robot of Sri Lanka

Well this is a turning point of Sri Lankan history of robotics that has happened very recently.

The first Humonoid Robot of Sri Lanka

Diyazen Robot is a trending topic that is being talked around Sri Lanka these days. Let’s see what is this popular Robot that is possessed with a traditional name, DIYAZEN?

This is the first Robot that was ever made in Sri Lanka that is capable of acting slightly like a human and also that has a appearance which is very close to a human.

This fabulous Robot was made by the Arimac Institute, Sri Lanka.

This institute is a leading institute which is providing many technological inspects like, digital solutions, Artificial Intelligence, Game designing and gaming developments.

This Robot’s appearance is also made as a Sri Lankan cultural Robot.

Does this name Diyazen ring any bells? Oh, yes, this is a name coming from ancient prophecies saying that there will be a prince named Diyasen which is born for the goodness of Sri Lanka.

However this Robot is made up with higher technologies. A smart battery was used in this robot. He has an automatic charging system

He is possessed with IR sensors that detect the direction he is going and they help to identify the obstacles ahead of him.

He’s got a LED touch display and a camera. He is also coming with a microphone array so that he can identify all the surrounding sounds and he can also know from where the sound is emiting.


As Sri Lankans I guess we should be motivating these institutes for a better place of our name in this world of Technology.