This Is How You Can Have the Facebook Verification

This Is How You Can Have the Facebook Verification

This Is How You Can Have the Facebook Verification

This Is How You Can Have the Facebook Verification

Today we’re going to talk about how to get the Facebook Verification.


First you should know that, Facebook verification is not an easy thing as this option was not given to Sri Lanka yet. But you can try it this way. Follow these steps clearly and you can have your Facebook verified.


  1. Correct Details

First you have to give true details for your Facebook profile / page. Go to the “Above” option and do it right.


  1. Post update

Update your profile by posting at least 3 or 4 posts per week, but remember to not to copy them from anyone or any page. Facebook is a very smart social media so they can track if they are original contents or not.


  1. Networks

If you have accounts like websites / instagram / twitter link them to the Facebook. They will help you when verifying your account.


  1. Verify Form

Now you have to try to do the Verification. Go through the following link first.

Now fill the form.

*First give the verification type as your profile or your page.

*If you have selected the “Page”, you will get an option to select your page. If it was a profile you have to copy > paste your URL of the profile.

*Select a Category for the page or profile: Now you have to select on what content that your page was made. Select “Other” if the required category was not given in the options.

*Which country is the entity from? put Sri Lanka here. (Remember that you have to type everything in English here. The people In Facebook do not understand Sinhala or Tamil).

*Please attach a photo of your ID: This one is quit important. If you are applying for a profile you have to give both sides of your ID. But if the ID details are in Sinhala do not submit it. Instead attach the photos of your driving license or Passport or translate the details of your ID to English.

If you’re applying for a personal page, submit ID/ Passport or Driving License.

*Please share why this Facebook page or profile should be verified:

In here, try to be very clear about why you are verifying your Facebook profile or page. The fact that they are allowing our profile to be verified or not, will be depending on the things we are giving in this section. So try to write as best as you can. You can highlight these points if you can,

If you there are any fake pages on your name,

Misuse content

*List other social media presence accounts (optional)

State your websites/ instagram / twitter in here if you have any.

*Additional Comments (optional)

You can write any additional things here. But it is not a must.

 Check whether everything’s right and press the Send button.

*Support Inbox

After Submitting the form, go to Support Inbox. There you can see the update of your case.

For more details use the following link

Try this out and if there are any more questions about verifying your account, ask on the comment section.