Facebook for Android brings down the tabs bar interface

Facebook's Android application is by all accounts revealing another new bottom bar interface for its clients that improves one-hand use extensively.

Facebook for Android brings down the tabs bar interface

You may already know that Facebook has been making many changes to their mobile app over the past few years. Now, Facebook is working to change the tabs bar from the top to the bottom tabs to make it easier to use while using the one-handed Facebook app.


Image; XDA


While this may not seem like an insignificant change, it is often found that it is useful when using a large screen and holding the handset while using the other hand.

This change can be seen in the new version of the Facebook app released for Android and later versions, The www.xda-developers.com website points out that Facebook has already been able to serve a large number of users, so it can't be considered a test version.

Facebook is expected to make it available to other users within the next few days.


To find out more www.xda-developers.com