Duke of Edinburgh Announced dead by Buckingham Palace

The Buckingham palace has announced the death of Queen Elizabeth II’s husband has died.

Duke of Edinburgh Announced dead by Buckingham Palace
Prince Mountbatten

Prince Philip Mountbatten has announced dead today morning at Windsor Castle. The Prince has aged 99 at the time he was reported dead.

The Britain’s Royal Family made the announcement during the midday, “His Royal Highness passed away peacefully this morning at Windsor Castle”







After the announcement of the duke's death, the flag in the Buckingham Palace was cut to half-mast.

While people began to gather at the Castle of Windsor, floral tributes for the Prince Mountbatten were made by them

His Royal Highness married Queen Elizabeth, his third cousin in 1947. His death has been reported 12 days before Queen Elizabeth’s birthday of becoming 95th of her age. And after two months Duke completes his century of lifetime in which he was born 10th of July 1921.

Prince became British consort to the sovereign after King George VI died in 1952. Prince Philip was the longest serving consort to a British Sovereign.

The official Website of Royal Family is also temporarily unavailable for this moment and a special tribute for the Prince Philip page with black is showed on the webpage now. https://www.royal.uk/

During February Prince Philip was admitted into the private King Edward VII Hospital after feeling unwell. Duke has been walking unaided on that day that shows no fatal diseases. And he was discharged after a month.

Philip and Elizabeth stayed in the castle of Windsor west of London during the coronavirus pandemic.

During an unprecedented period of social, economic, technological, political and family crises, the Duke of Edinburgh has supported his wife, Queen Elizabeth.

We all should pay out deepest condolences on Prince Philip’s death and may he Rest In Peace HRH the Duke of Edinburgh.