Detecting COVID-19 through iOS and Android?

COVID-19 or Coronavirus is currently consuming a vast amount of human lives reporting thousands of deaths all around the world. In such a situation Apple and Google had been working on a Coronavirus tracking system for their users.

Detecting COVID-19 through iOS and Android?

To communicate between the users the system uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) transmission. And it uses short range Bluetooth communication which you can access data within a short distance to your phone. The system will inform the user if they have the virus or if someone nearby is having the virus.

Their idea is to introduce the system as an app during May. But after creating the API they are willing to give it within the operating system so that no one needs to download an app.



Contact-Tracing is when after recognizing a victim, the system will chase through the people who he involved with from the iOS or the Android device. From this the system sends a warning to them and again traces the people they had contacted recently.

This whole process is done via Bluetooth and it is only intercommunication through devices. Not like in GPS it won’t trace where the user goes. So the user’s privacy has been protected by the system.