Deepfake Queen’s Christmas message

A deepfake Queen sent this year's Channel 4 alternative Christmas message

Deepfake Queen’s Christmas message

While the Queen delivers her conventional message on the BBC and ITV, she will share her thoughts on Channel 4, which has been produced digitally.

It had no comment on the broadcast from Buckingham Palace to the BBC.

Channel 4 said that it is intended to send a clear warning in the modern age about fake news.

Profound technology can be used to generate compelling but totally fake video content and is frequently used to disseminate disinformation.

The profound man tries his hand in the message to a challenge for TikTok virus dance

The five-minute message refers to many contentious subjects, including the Duke and Duchess of Sussex' decision to leave the United Kingdom. It also applies to the decision of the Duke of York to step down earlier this year, after interviewing the BBC with Jeffrey Epstein about his relationship with sex offender.

Some people have indicated that the video does not value the social media through messages. Which it is disrespectful

Oscar-winning VFX studio Framestore has developed the deepfake.

In the beginning of 2018, Deepfakes rose to prominence.

A researcher at the time applied the most advanced techniques of artificial intelligence to create software that transformed one person's face to another.

The method is much more available since then, however.

Many applications now only need one picture to replace the user by an actor from Hollywood.

Microsoft introduced a system earlier this year which could detect depth defects.

The organisation aimed to help to fight misinformation, but critics warned that it would become obsolete because of technological advances.