What if your speakers can show you Lyrics? How cool is that?

This crazy speaker makes music a visual art at a gallery price. It’s called Cotodama Lyric Speaker.

What if your speakers can show you Lyrics? How cool is that?

It's difficult to grasp who you're for the first time, and why anyone would like to see the Cotodama lyrics speaker. Then you hear the prize of $4,500, and it's even worse. But if you sit down, play with the app, listen to some things, you’re fascinated easily. You wonder: Is he a speaker for Bluetooth? Is it an engine for karaoke? A visualizer for music? A piece of art? It's basically a rather costly mix of all of them. In our hands-on analysis by our Cotodama Lyric Speaker we hear that, if you spend the money there, we doubt that you will always get bored.

The aim of the Lyric speaker is to reconnect us to songs. For the riff or refrain, popular music is often recalled, and any real meaning can be lost if the words are not checked. We’re listening and shown by the lyrics speaker. It's not a karaoke – you can't sing along with timing or a bouncing circle. The words are rendered artistically, with amazing visuals as lyrics swirl, zip and vanish on the screen, and with a beautiful, mood-like change.

However, this isn't a $50 speaker box with an internal screen. It is a heavy, handcrafted ABS and steel case with a total of 5 speakers. The back is woofer, two coax speakers on the front and a pair of cone-talkers in the box. The total performance claimed is 100 watts and the brightness in the app or on the front of the lyric is changed to include a real bulb. The speaker is special thanks to the 22-inch cross-blind screen.

The photos and the manner in which words are shown shift in the pace, mood and music on the screen. Algorithms then establish the song's accompanying theme, movement, and visualization. This is the part that is addictive. Just when you hear a song after song through the genius of a sounding speaker to see how things change you hear the lyric speaker see what it's up to on the computer. It changes — radically, even — every time and it is fun to see.

The visualizations and how our personal links to songs we may not have known what the meaning behind. Conversely, unexpectedly we would not like the songs we didn't research outside a chorus. we didn't like it. It sounds amazing and it's a real chat. It's also a rarity, with only fifteen every month from the firm. It's ludicrously pricey, though. While in the US it’s $4,500, in the United Kingdom it's $4,320. The price forbids most people from ever contemplating buying one for all its fun and creative value. It's a genuine pity.

However, if you have these much of money, this is really a cool way to listen and enjoy songs. It’ll give you so much fun and you can enjoy the song and it’s lyrics, more enjoyable way.