Here is a chance to be an author in Digital Mantra

If you’re interested in digging up the details about technology, digitalization and new technologies, you have a chance to be a part of our website. If you are good in English and have the ability to Translate and write articles, you can share your skills with others while making an income with Digital Mantra.

For more information about this, send a message from here.


How to become an author in Digital Mantra

First, you have to register to our account.

There you can submit your email address along with a password to register. Then you will receive a confirmation email to your email account. After confirming it you will be registered as a member of Digital Mantra.


Register from here

If there is a problem with registering, let us know.


If you want to register as an author, go through in here and send us a message with your email address and the name along with “Register me as an author” as a text. You will receive an email as we welcome you as an author within 24 hours. 

Now you can post articles on your name in the Digital Mantra website.


Facts to consider when translating articles into Sinhala.

  • First, read the whole passage and clearly get it into your mind
  • Try to be simple while writing facts
  • After translating the article, read twice and do the corrections if needed.
  • Not each and every word should be in Sinhala. Use colloquial language when writing the article.

Your article will be reviewed be one of our group members and we will be publishing it on the website. 



Should be considered

Reasons of article disapprove

Sinhala/English aren't correct 
Not following the guidelines
Copying article from another web site
Write a similar article

For this reason, your article may not be approved. So remember to follow these important tips.



Don’t forget to mention the links of the sources you used to get the information. 



Thank you.

The Team of Digital Mantra.