Concept Imagines Augmented Reality Apple Card Showing Stability Data

Since some time now, Apple has been focusing on Augmented Reality technology for its iPhones and iPads, and while there are some AR applications incorporated into various apps, Apple should do much more to take advantage of the AR functionality in its products.

Concept Imagines Augmented Reality Apple Card Showing Stability Data

A new idea that Volodymyr Kurbatov invented and shared on YouTube (via Mac cult) features enhanced reality features added to the Apple Card.



When viewed with an AR app or an AR headset, it provides easy access to some Apple Card information such as total balance and recent purchases, all in a handy list. This also imagines a function that would allow information to be swipped or card data to be edited via gesture, which is not actually something AR apps are doing at this time.

This feature will probably be connected to an individual Apple Card and connected by an identifier on the card itself, but we don't have to think too much about the protection as it doesn't yet exist.

There's no word that Apple works on such a feature, but it's fun to think how useful this idea might be to holders of Apple Card. For now, accessing this information involves opening the Wallet app on an iPhone and digging into the settings of the Apple Card, but Apple is creating some kind of augmented reality headset that could be released as early as next year, so functionality like this may not be too far away.