Communication Tips Working Remotely

Communication Tips Working Remotely

Communication Tips Working Remotely
Communication Tips Working Remotely

Gamble between communication channels during COVID-19 while managing your personal life and work-life can be very challenging. Practically this is a situation you are presenting project status powerpoint to your customer while cross-functional teams are on the call and you think your children still watching “Frozen” via Television.

Technology companies like Google, Amazon asking their employees to work from home making company communication and infrastructure into the test. Some companies about to deduct bonuses, some cut down percentage from the paycheck, some do not get a salary, some about to announce layoffs.



4 useful tips you can adopt while working remotely during COVID-19.


In such volatile uncertain circumstances, it is very important that your company strategy is firmly being able to keep employee communication effective and productive. At the same time shouldn’t forget to allow flexibility, adaptive work-life balance of employees amid uncertain unpredictable market conditions.


It is very important that you keep your communication channels open to anyone. It can be your mobile, WhatsApp, chat system, email or any other online communication tool.


Regular meetings are a great way to keep in touch with your stakeholders. it is preferred at least meet once per week. Having at least a weekly call to inform your customers about changes, updates, safety processes, supply procedures will assist to ease the uncertainties. but you can also consider other practical difficulties and uncertainties while working distance and open for flexibility.


Keeping your focus during chaotic situations can be difficult. your focus can easily be diverted to non-value addition, unproductive items. Having simultaneous communication sometimes leaves the feeling that everyone is not supporting as well. Having a focus on single communication at a time may give you more satisfaction and productivity.

As we continue to navigate through the crisis it is important that we care for each other and establish productive interactive communication relationships to help each other to get over from the crisis.