A cleaner robot from Samsung

Samsung's Jetbot vacuum mop robot is turning your home into cleaner walls and doors.

A cleaner robot from Samsung

Samsung has already an existing line of robot vacuums that can clean dirt and waste, but what about spills or something that would offer some cleanliness and brightness to your hard surfaces at home?

Samsung's Jetbot Mop is a clever mop capable of cleaning floors in glass, vinyl, laminate and hardwood plus double as a wall cleaner! The double spinning pads clean and secure the floor and your floor shines as your Jetbot ends with up to 100 minutes of washing. The tanks dispense fluid automatically and only need a refill after a duration of 50 minutes.

The Jetbot Mop features intelligent sensors to navigate your home and prevent obstructions such as mobilizing and taping. It was also planned to purify the edges so that it is cleaner, more detailed. Jetbot Mop 's versatility really is refreshing.

The Jetbot Mop can also be moved to a handheld mode to clean your walls and windows in addition to cleared surfaces. It is fine to clean the tile or to wash off windows in the bathroom.

More people are aware about ways to keep their homes clean during the holiday season. Although robot vacuums simplify cleaning every day, what about those occasions when you are baking with a localized chaos such as a meal spill? With the Jet Stick Vacuum, Samsung provides an option.

The jet stick vacuum is a cableless vacuum built for every room, every floor. They have a light weight and suction power of up to 200 watts and a five-layer HEPA filtration system which traps dusts and allergens up to 99.99%. The Jet Stick Vacuum with allergy to the fall could help minimize your household's sneezing and itchy eyes.

The Jet Stick can be vacuumed with a single charge for up to 60 minutes, and battery can be quickly removed for replacement purposes. The vacuum takes 3.5 hours to load and is only 6 pounds with a 180 ° pivoting head which facilitates cleaning under the furniture.

The Jetbot Mop is $250, while the Cable Stick Vacuum Jet 90 is $600. These devices are part of a new Samsung initiative to simplify home cleaning and reduce the effort required for cooking and washing tasks.