How do you feel about this cheapest 5G smart phone?

The cheapest smart phone with 5G technology, called Armor 8, it’s amazing for that price.

How do you feel about this cheapest 5G smart phone?

The company will announce two tough mobile devices before the end of the year before Blackview's 5G-enabled BV10000 will be introduced by a smart phone smart phone sticker, Ulefone.

The Ulefone Armor 8 will arrive in November, between Armor 7 and Armor 9, both already usable.

Mediatek's system-on - chip Dimensity 800 powered a device that also has 8 GB of memory and 256 GB of on-board storage. The price, it was said, is about $600, which makes sense for a smartphone that is a robust flagship.

Other characteristics include a 6.1-inch display, three rear camera sensors with 64-metre, a 5080mAh and Android 10 high pixel count.

However, another exchange of e-mails with Ulefone indicated that the company was also planning a second 5 G handset for around $300 ..

While no exact specifications have been found, we believe that the Dimensity 720 is cheaper, the memory and storage space are smaller as well as the photo space lower.

Ulefone had preparations in 2018 to introduce a 5 G smartphone, but it never watched the light of day, known as Armor 6 5 G, because Mediatek had canceled the supposedly powerful M70 chip.

The Realme V3 5 G, which is available for less than $180, with a 6 GB RAM and 64 GB of storage, was the cheapest 5 G smartphone in the market at the time of writing.