A biggest update for windows: “Sun Valley”

A biggest update from windows will released in the first half of this year. There will be two stages of the update which the first one be the smaller update focused on security patching.

A biggest update for windows: “Sun Valley”

Microsoft eventually accepted the Windows 10's first big update this year, now code-named 21H1 and expected to be launched later this spring, in a Windows Hardware Certification postage.

While the Windows Insider team (which publishes Windows beta versions) has not yet spoken about 21H1, the blog post on Hardware Certification indicates that Microsoft will still stick to its three-year-long trend of delivering two major updates to Windows 10 per year.

The first update of this year, 21H1, is rumored to be a smaller update on operating system patches. This is because 21H1 could set the stage for a larger update in the fall that is called "Sun Valley."

The 21H1 update has been well under way, according to Windows Central. In anticipation of the release in May of Windows Update, the update will soon be checked by Microsoft using the Beta and Release Preview channels. It may also come with "minor backported additions," but it doesn't know exactly what this applies to. Microsoft has also internally reviewed the update, which has just ended the process.

The 21H1 Update is not that exciting in its current state. Like last year's 20H1 redesign, it's about smaller items such as fresh icons, settings changes, Cortana tweaking and search box experiences.

In the meantime the Sun Valley Update is thought to bring various exciting improvements to Windows 10. One of these improvements is a "visual rejuvenation," including a new floating Start Menu and a tablet that is easy to touch.

That said, two separate "flavors" of Windows 10 could occur later in 2021. The laptops and tablets that run either the 21 H1 or Sun Valley update are frequently available to Windows 10. Education and enterprise lightweight Windows 10X devices are also supported.

The pandemic has brought about a shift in many Microsoft plans. Since then, Windows 10X has been reoriented from dual-screen devices to one-screen devices to further improve Microsoft's education market placement. In a summary of how we expect Windows 10 to go in 2021, we talked more about these updates. Why will Windows end up being an exciting year?